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In one of the coolest roles I’ve heard in a while was Gabriel Sanchez-Ortega as The Ogre. He has a booming bass sound...

Lets start with the obvious.  Gabriel Sanchez-Ortega is a genuine bass.

Gabriel Sanchez-Ortega extracted some real comedy from Signorina, in tanta fretta from Don Pasquale.  The latter is a genuine bass with some real heft and bears watching. 

From the very first note, bass Gabriel Sanchez Ortega (Sarastro) caught the listener off guard...Even career basses have difficulty getting down that low, but Ortega pulled off a few minor miracles. Strong, robust, commanding, his voice galvanizes attention throughout his entire register...The first reaction to his booming, rolling sound is astonishment.

The only “ringer” in the cast was recent GGS alumnus Gabriel Sanchez Ortega whose mature bass-baritone voice gave the role of Sarastro the meditative spirit it requires.

Gabriel Sanchez Ortega sang with a surprisingly low and rich voice. 

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