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As a teacher, Gabriel’s approach is holistic, in that it tries to take into consideration every aspect of the student’s experience in singing.

Students come to music and art through different paths, with different tools, and with different mindsets.


Gabriel believes that part of the process of learning how to sing is to overcome the inhibitions that prevent us from expressing our authentic selves. Therefore, he strives to tailor each lesson to the specific needs of each student and to give them the tools they need to improve their singing and to continue to grow artistically.


Having studied, not only music but the arts and literature at the post-secondary level, Gabriel has a special affinity to the poetic language and emphasizes the meaning of the words in relation to the music.

The general structure of a lesson starts with vocal warm-ups and vocal exercises, designed to convey the principles of clear and authentic singing, followed by a work-through of a musical piece of the student’s choice. Through the learning of different pieces (songs, art songs, arias, etc.) the student will learn the fundamentals of a healthy singing technique, and the necessary skills for a singer such as musicality, style, diction, and musical theory. Regardless of the goal, age, or stage of development, from the casual singer to those with aspirations of a professional career, Gabriel will gladly help them on their musical journey. 


He is comfortable teaching in Français, English, y Español.


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